4 Reasons Why Cannabis Should Be Sold in Every Drugstore

4 Reasons Why Cannabis Should Be Sold in Every Drugstore

A couple of years ago, weed attracted attention of doctors all around the world. After numerous history-making scientific studies, the status of cannabis has changed. It turned out that marijuana can easily compete with expensive synthetic medications in treatment of many serious diseases. Even the most old-fashioned specialists stopped associating this plant only with a bad habit for youngsters. So, these are four convincing reasons why medical marijuana should be legalized and placed in every drugstore.

Weed makes you thinner

For many people, this fact can become a real surprise as everyone knows about crazy munchies after the smoking session. But one year ago, Canadian scientists studied many heavy pot smokers, and the results of their work have destroyed this myth.

Enthusiastic researchers from Quebec University examined about 700 adults aged from 17 to 77 that consume cannabis regularly. They found out that the scores of body index of these people are lower that the scores of non-smokers. It means that weed users are less likely to suffer from obesity!

Our lungs can receive benefits from smoking pot

Can you imagine that? American Medical Association has proved that anti-smoking propaganda is not always right. Their series of experiments have demonstrated that long inhales of cannabis smoke can actually train our lungs to work more efficiently. This trick does not work with simple cigarettes, as the nicotine in tobacco destroys our breathing system without any training.

Marijuana is a miracle cure from many forms of glaucoma

The story about miracle treatment of glaucoma with the help of weed is one of the most successful proofs of the healing features of cannabis. Indeed, medications based on cannabis extract can fight with this eye disease without the difficult surgery and side effects. But how does marijuana help glaucoma? Cannabinoids CB1 and CB2 affect our nervous system and block all dangerous processes that cause glaucoma. Moreover, smoking medical pot can reduce intraocular pressure and vision loss.

Weed can destroy cancer cells

American scientists are sure that future cancer medicine will contain cannabis. Laboratory experiments have shown that this green doctor kills the cells of cancer while «meeting» them. It is interesting to know that this feature of marijuana convinced the government of some states to legalize medical cannabis research. This step is considered to be very important in the history of American traditional medicine.

Actually, Green Doctor has many useful options to offer to humanity. We should just open up our minds and accept its health benefits.

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