4 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Marijuana Harvesting

4 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Marijuana Harvesting

There is no doubt that the most anticipated and pleasant period for marijuana growers is the harvest time. But it is also a specific point of time when all your seeds have to prove that they are safe for consumption. Cannabis rarely follows rules, that is why a grower has to use all of their experience to time the harvesting of cannabis properly. If you are growing cannabis indoors, you probably have many questions about harvest time. We are sure that every grower wishes to have a good harvest, so here are four most important questions you should know the answers to before starting this process.

1. What is the best time for harvesting weed?

The ideal time to harvest weed is anywhere between 6 and 12 weeks after its flowering. Yes, it sounds weird, but that is the right way. For a more clear understanding, let us look at the visual features of the plant that is ready to be harvested: white hairs turn red, brown, or orange, the false seeds become swelled with resin, and the pistils completely change color.

2. What is better: early or late harvesting?

When you harvest weed early, it will have a higher content of THC and a more distinct cerebral effect correspondingly. At late stages of budding, THC turns into CBD, the component that will make your high less clear and your mind less cooperative.  When almost half of bud hairs have turned orange, it is time to harvest your weed.

3. How to determine the harvest time based on pistils and trichomes?

As we have mentioned before, as soon as the pistils change color to dark red or brown, the plant is ready for harvesting. As for trichomes, they indicate the maturity of the plant through changing into a more milky and half-transparent substance.

4. When should the nutrients be flushed away?

To make marijuana purer, some growers prefer to “flush” all the nutrients out of the plant. To do that, you simply need to flood your plant with a significant amount of water. If in a couple of days after that the plant became of a lighter color, then it worked!

In any case, the best advice for any grower is to find their method of growing weed through their own experience.

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