4 Different Types of Weed Dealers

4 Different Types of Weed Dealers

Anytime you have a desire to smoke weed, you start thinking about how to find a weed dealer. But do you know which type of dealer you should look for? It does not matter where you are, you will always face one of the four drug dealers that exist in this industry.

The pushy dealer

If you are going to buy weed outside of your familiar element, get ready to meet exactly this type of drug dealers. In other words, the pushy dealer is the one whom you will never see again. Before you “split up” with such a dealer, he will have told you his number three times, had you call him to save your number in his phone, and ended half of the sentences with “be sure to hit me up.” Be aware of such type of dealers as they will always try to get as much money out of you as they can because they assume they will never see you and your money again.

The shady dealer

Every stoner has to deal with a shady dealer at least once or twice in their smoking life. When you call him for the first time, he will sound like he does not have it, but when you get to the meeting place, the shady dealer will suddenly appear just like Robin Hood. He grabs your money for weed and leaves you without saying anything. Besides, do not be afraid when he looks at you like you are a DEA agent, it is normal.

The dealer who wants to be your friend

Yes, they do exist! Have you ever seen Pineapple Express? If yes, then you understand what I am going to talk about. This dealer is one of those whom you meet strictly to buy some weed. But the weirdest thing about him is that he always has a joint ready for you when you arrive at the meeting and says he has nothing to do and would not mind some company. It is great, sure. And everyone has a friend who is a drug dealer, but it does not mean that you have to make friends with every dealer.

The quiet dealer

You may guess that we will not tell you a lot about this guy as we know absolutely nothing about the dealers of such type. He never recognizes his regular customers, leaves the products, and goes away without saying goodbye. It is definitely the best system for dealers, but man, it is so creepy.

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