3 Things You Did Not Know About Bob Marley and His Death

3 Things You Did Not Know About Bob Marley and His Death

The extremely popular reggae singer and just a positive person, Bob Damien Marley, was a man with the world’s recognition. You will not find a person who has no idea who Bob Marley is, unless you search in some African tribes. Anyway, each of us can hum at least one song from his golden collection. However, most people, including the star’s fans, do not know everything about Bob Marley. That is why we have prepared three shocking things you may not have known about the awesome reggae singer, Bob Marley.

1. Bob is not the legal name of the singer

The full name of the singer is Nesta Robert Marley. Looks like he decided to use his middle name! The reason for that is very simple. To the singer, the name Robert seemed more masculine than Nesta. But that is not the only thing that was off in his birth certificate. In fact, in says that he was born on Apr 6, 1945. But is it true? Actually, no. The family was so poor that Bob Marley’s mother had to work extremely hard to keep the roof over their heads. When she finally had gathered enough money to register the child, the birth certificate read that the date of birth was Apr 6, 1945, which is a great misconception until today. The real date of Bob Marley’s birth is Feb 6, 1945.

2. Bob Marley was a welder

It is really hard to imagine that the singer with unbelievable popularity spent most of his life as a welder, but it is true. When the singer was studying at school, his favorite subject was math. But he did not stay there for long and soon found a new hobby—welding. However, that lasted only until one day, during the working process, a piece of metal flew directly into his eye and seriously injured it. After that accident, the singer decided to give up welding and devote himself to music.

3. Bob Marley’s death was caused by a football match

Bob Marley loved football (soccer) and always found time for it. In France, during a football game, another player absolutely accidentally trod on his right foot. That caused an injury in his big toe, then skin cancer, which eventually led to the death of the singer at the age of 36. You will not find Bob Marley’s grave anywhere, as he was not buried. His remains are encased in a marble tomb on the top of the hill where he grew up.

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