3 Most Expensive and Rare Weed Strains on Earth

3 Most Expensive and Rare Weed Strains on Earth

Just like all the vegetables and fruit that we consume, cannabis genetics has been influenced by selective breeding. Many weed strains that grow in Africa, the Middle East, and Southern Asia today are under a great danger of extinction because of genetic mixing, conflict, and hybridization. More than that, the strains that we liked so much in the 60s have long since disappeared. Modern weed strains have an extremely high level of THC comparing to old school ones. It is a great example of how the cannabis scene has changed over the last 50 years. Here are three rarest and reasonably the most expensive weed strains on Earth.

1. Oaxacan Highland

The strain takes its origin in the Oaxacan region of Mexico. Being the most popular strain in the U.S. in the late 60s, the 12-foot tall sativa-dominant Oaxacan Highland was highly appreciated for the potent psychedelic effects it brought to the smokers. Magnificently sweet and spicy aroma made the marijuana enthusiasts soar in the sky, but not literally, of course. Unfortunately, after the hybridization and violence increase took place in the region, the strain has almost disappeared on the international markets. That is why today this strain is extremely endangered. However, such offshoots as Eldorado have the reflections of the original Highlands genetics in their content.

2. Angola Roja

Angla Roja, or Liamba, is a landrace strain that grows in Africa. The strain has a long and rich history that is dating back to the Portuguese occupation of the region in 1575. Because of the Portuguese colonization, Angola Roja was exported to different parts of the world, including South and Central America. This fact makes people suggest that all the red strains that are present in the U.S. descended exactly from Angola Roja.

3. Lebanese

This strain from Lebanon is considered to be the finest weed strain in the world. Lebanese comes in two varieties: red, which is thought to be non-psychoactive, and yellow, with a high level of THC that makes it psychoactive.

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