3 Easy Ways to Make Homemade Pipes and Bongs

3 Easy Ways to Make Homemade Pipes and Bongs

Have you ever been in a situation when you have some nice weed but no smoking piece? If the answer is yes, then perhaps, you have already looked up how to solve your desperate situation on the Internet. But there is no need to search any longer! We at AllWeedNews have found the top three easiest ways to make your own homemade bongs and pipes. Just a little bit of patience and the well-deserved result will come!

How to make a homemade bowl

The first step in making homemade pipes is to find something that can serve you as a bowl. It can be pretty much anything if it is cone-shaped and the material does not damage your lungs. Therefore, aluminum foil is not good for a homemade weed pipe: when heated, it oxidizes, and the chemicals can burn your lungs.

How to make a bowl

You can make a metal smoking pipe from a stainless steel socket.

If you have lots of tools at home, you better take a closer look at them: the chances to find something proper among those tools are pretty high. For instance, you can take a stainless steel socket: it is made of metal, and it is much safer than foil as it does not emit toxic chemicals while heating up.

You can also try a usual stationary paper clip. It is a bit raw method, but it works. You need to uncoil the clip and recoil it into a spiral shape so you can put some weed inside. Of course, we are talking now only about metal clips, if a clip has a color plastic cover you need to remove it first as it is unsuitable for home made pipes otherwise. You can use also a top cone of a pen, but beware as many pens are only looking like they are made of metal but are made of plastic instead.

Another method, is to use a wire connection as it is shown in the following video.

Easy homemade an apple pipe

An apple pipe is considered to be a well-known classic method to make a homemade pipe without any extra efforts. Even if you have a proper pipe at home, it is fun to try this method of making an easy homemade bong  anyway. Especially considering the fact that you do not need any ingenious instruments to make this pipe. Basically, all you need is an apple, a pen and something to make a small hole in a fruit (a wire, a skewer, or a toothpick).

An apple pipe

A plastic pen ans an apple is all you need to make a bong.

The top of the apple will serve you as a bowl. You need to remove the apple’s stem and make a few narrow holes from the top down to the middle or the three-quarters of the apple. Try not to stab the apple to the bottom.

Take a pen, remove the ink reservoir, and then use the pen to poke a hole in the side of the apple. The hole should go halfway through the apple, reaching its center. Keep in mind that these two holes you have made need to be connected. The pen can also serve you as a mouthpiece, so what you need to do next, is to clean the pen and put it back into the same hole. Blow the air through the pen to check if the holes inside the apple intersect. You can also leave the pen aside and use the apple just as it is.

So, your apple pipe is ready! Now you need to put some buds on the top of the apple, let them smolder and enjoy your marijuana.

Homemade gravity bong

In order to create this clever tool you are going to need a few things: two plastic bottles (one should be bigger than the other), a cone piece, water, and a knife. First, put the smaller plastic bottle inside the wider one. To do so, cut off the top part of the bigger bottle with the knife (so you can put another bottle inside) and remove the bottom of the smaller bottle.

A gravity bong

A gravity bong made of two plastic bottles.

Depending on the size of your cone you can either take off the lid of the smaller bottle or make a hole in the lid, so your cone fits tightly.

Now you have a small bottle with the bowl standing inside the big bottle. The next step is to pour water into the big bottle to fill three-quarters of the volume. When you are done with this, you can place some weed in the bowl and light it up.

While marijuana is burning, draw the smaller bottle slowly out of the wider one. Make sure you are doing it really carefully, so the smoke can fill all the space inside the small bottle. When you take the bottle almost out of the water, take away the bowl, so you will be able to inhale the whole bottle of pure smoke.

A candy pipe

This one works pretty much in the same way as an apple pipe does. In order to create a candy pipe, you better use some soft candy like Mamba or Starburst Fruit Chews. Firsst, make a rectangular shape out of it, then make a hole inside your pipe with a help of a screwdriver or a pen. Remember, that the hole should not go through the whole candy, just like it was with an apple. Stop at the three-quarters of the candy and make another hole from the top of the candy brick to connect the two holes.

A candy pipe

A pipe made of chewy candies.

You can make the entrance of the top hole a bit wider because it will be your bowl. And here you go: put some buds, light it up and inhale a fruity, juicy smoke! Use candies with different flavors to add some unusual notes to your favorite buds.

It is a very simple kind of pipe: you can see how to make it in the following video.

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