3 Best Vaporizers For Weed

3 Best Vaporizers For Weed

When marijuana was initially legalized in Colorado in 2012, the production of different marijuana-related products has taken its place in the cannabis industry. Nowadays, you can find vaporizers that can easily be filled with dry herb, wax, or oils that contain THC, the active chemical compound in marijuana that makes you feel high. According to the forecasts, the industry of e-cigarettes and vapes is expected to be worth of nearly $50 billion by 2025. As the smokers began to consume liquid nicotine, the marijuana vaping has also become highly demanded. Some studies suggest that vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking.According to a study conducted by the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, the level of the toxicants you inhale while using a vaporizer is 9-450 times lower than in cigarette smoke. The vaping market continues to grow and present healthier and safer vaporizers that cost from $20 and up to $400. But when you are choosing a vaporizer, you need to pay attention to every single detail: from how the vaporizer works to how it looks or how it feels in your hand. To make the decision a bit easier for you, let us get acquainted with the top three devices available on the global vaping market.

1. Juju Joints

The company from Seattle has designed an awesome single-use vaporizer that contains about 3 grams of weed for each 150-hit e-joint. The greatest thing about this device is that you will not be surrounded by the cloud of peculiar marijuana smell because the oil is vaporized. The average time of inhalation is about 7.5 minutes. You can use this vaporizer anytime you want without charging it first. According to the official website of the company, this vape pen will cost you between $25 and $70.

2. Pax by Ploom

Although this vaporizer was designed for tobacco use, you can use it to consume loose marijuana as well. After selling more than 500,000 of the vaporizers, the company decided to make the device a bit more affordable by reducing its price from $249 to $199. The device has a lithium-ion battery that recharges in two hours and lasts for up to five oven-loads. Most importantly, the vaporizer comes with a 10-year warranty.

3. VapeXhale Cloud EVO

This device is a perfect choice for those who want to vaporize shredded materials. The redesigned version of the vaporizer is more portable and heats faster than its prototype. The price for this vaporizer varies from $350 to $450.


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