2016 presidential candidates: marijuana legalization pros and cons

2016 presidential candidates: marijuana legalization pros and cons

The 2016 president election campaign speeds up, so the candidates try to win voters’ affection showing their support for legalization of medical cannabis or making some steps to make marijuana consume possible in the certain states. Here’s the review of the some candidates having entered the election race and their attitude to legality of cannabis.

Democrat Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida doesn’t support the cannabis legalization over the whole country but doesn’t exclude the possibility of passing the local laws as well so each state can decide whether it wants the law to operate. He has told in interview that he sees Florida a family-friendly, open for bus

iness and tourism state and being on the side of marijuana supporters is a bad idea. He also mentions that despite of tolerant attitude towards different opinions in other states, all of them should consider the possible negative effects of spreading the weed. However, Bush has’t denied the fact he has consumed marijuana constantly during his youth, but justified it by the cannabis popularity in that time period.

The neurosurgeon Ben Carson, member of Republican Party, insists on prohibition of full legalization but doesn’t refute the medical value of weed smoking. Carter’s arguments against the marijuana are thought that it may be a gateway drug for people who may move further to illicit drugs, and long flashbacks caused by constant consume. Being religious person, Carson hasn’t been involved in any type of drug addiction.

Lincoln Chafee, representative of Democrats, governor of Rhode Island supports the legalization and reforms pushing the changes in federal law, therefore he has signed the document which decriminalize small amount of consumed cannabis. He thinks that time has changed and more Americans are ready to use marijuana responsibly, so he joined the petition classifying weed as legal drug. He sees lots of benefits in medical effect which cannabis may give speaking about Colorado experience as an example. His program is to allow people freely buy, grow and sell the substance in Rhode Island as well as to start campaign around the USA step by step. One of another reason for legalizing is struggling with black markets and corruption considering the drug business which develops until the marijuana sales aren’t regulated by the Government.

Republican New Jersey governor Chris Chrisite was criticized for protraction of medical marijuana program, though he doesn’t dissemble his oppositional disposed campaign. He thinks the project hasn’t worked out in Colorado and is sure the taxes from sales don’t make the state better. As Ben Carson, he mentions that cannabis is often a gateway drug.

One of the main candidates to win and the first lady, Hilary Clinton respects the choice of each state and promises not to prohibit moving the decriminalization law forward. She also stresses the necessity of researches considering the cannabis benefits and harmful effects. Clinton says that despite of need of studying the subject precisely, those who are in hard medical conditions should have a stable access to necessary medicine.

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