2 Ways of Making Weed Smoking Pipe Out of Anything

2 Ways of Making Weed Smoking Pipe Out of Anything

If you often find yourself with nothing to smoke from, do not worry—we have solved your problem. Let us show you two methods of making a homemade weed pipe. It is much easier to be made than you may think. You may use fruit, a book, or an empty milk bottle to craft a smoking pipe.

Method #1—Fruit Pipe

1. Select any fruit or vegetable and make sure that it is hard enough. Usually, people take apples or zucchini, but the choice is yours. The fruit should be fresh and without rotten spots.
2. Carve a bowl on the top of the fruit—that is where you will put the weed. Use a paring knife for easier cutting.
3. With the help of a skewer, try to make a small hole from one fruit side to its center. If you do not have a skewer, you may use a kitchen skewer, it also works well.
4. Use a skewer to make a small the hole in the bowl and connect it with the side tunnel
5. Try to blow through the hole. If the air moves without obstructions, then you are on the right path. If not, clear away the extra pieces of fruit that prevent the air from flowing.
6. Take aluminum foil and cover the bowl surface to keep the weed dry from the fruit moisture. Use a small pin to make holes in the foil, so that the smoke can freely pass through it.
7. Fill the hole on top of the fruit with weed, light the substance with a match or a lighter, and inhale through the side hole.

Method #2—Book Pipe

1. Find the book with the thinnest paper in your home library. If it is rice paper, it will fit nicely.
2. Tear out a page with the less amount of ink as you will harm yourself by smoking the chemicals.
3. Make a rectangle 2 inches long by 1,5 inches wide.
4. Fold your rectangle in half and make a crease in the paper’s center to keep the weed in a “V” shape.
5. Put a small quantity of weed right in the middle of the paper.
6. To make a cigarette, roll the paper with your index finger and thumbs.
7. Instead of glue, use your saliva, but be very gentle while licking. To prevent the weed from falling out, just twist both its ends.
8. Light the cigarette and breathe it in slowly to make the weed burn.

That is it, have a nice time smoking from your own pipe!


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