1/8 of Weed in Grams: Do You Know How Much Is It?

1/8 of Weed in Grams: Do You Know How Much Is It?

How many grams is an eighth of weed? That is the question that makes a lot of marijuana enthusiasts confused. The answer is 3.5 grams. Well, that is OK, but there is another question arising from this fact: “How many joints can an average marijuana user make from an eighth of weed?”. According to the information in Science Daily, 3.5 grams of marijuana is enough to make 11 joints—that is a much smaller quantity than it was previously believed. This is around one-third of the size of the free pre-rolls that are sometimes offered at your local dispensary.

What can the studies tell us?

According to the official studies carried out by the government agencies, a simple joint contains 0.5 grams of marijuana. That is the number that should be taken into account when creating things like marijuana possession laws. Consumption estimates should play a significant role in planning the tax revenue. According to the statement of a criminology professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Greg Ridgeway, the majority of policy decisions depend on the answer. To come up with a joint that weights 0.32 grams, Ridgeway and his colleague Beau Kilmer took a look at 10,628 transactions related to cannabis over the last 11 years. In their research, they came across hilarious statements like “I bought four joints and paid $20.” To untangle the price and weight of cannabis, the scientists’ findings were coupled with the economic model of the country. Eventually, they received a new number equal to 0.3 grams. That is the amount of weed in one joint, which is less than was thought before. It is impossible to claim that all joints are of the same weight. More than that, the study that was published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence in August did not account for the potency of the 0.3 grams in question. And since the data was obtained from people behind bars, it is based only on the black market and has nothing to do with the modern-day cannabis industry. Nevertheless, the data we have is the first of its kind, and if you notice that your eighth disappears after rolling a few joints, you have probably been smoking some gigantic joints all this time.

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