15 Secret Pot Nicknames to Say to Your Dealer

15 Secret Pot Nicknames to Say to Your Dealer

Most weed dealers prefer to use code words for the herb. This security measure helps them avoid getting caught by the cops. The most common names for cannabis include ganja, jazz cabbage, and pot. However, these terms are left in the past, since many people can now guess their meaning. That is why it will be really great to switch to new names. Looking for some fresh ideas to use with your dealer? Here are 15 new secret pot nicknames for your convenience.

1. Stuff

There can be green or purple stuff. It is a perfect term for both herb and edibles—the name will work for everything.

2. Broccoli

Cannabis and broccoli have much in common. They are both green and can be consumed in different ways.

3. Airplane

Everyone loves to be on cloud nine. Call weed “an airplane” and soar to new heights.

4. Art Supplies

Both art and marijuana high enhance creativity. That is why it is a perfect nickname.

5. Tea Party

Planning to have a weed party with friends? Let us call it a tea party. It is simple and understandable.

6. Flowers

Request some “special flowers” from your dealer. Nobody will suspect a thing.

7. Salt and Pepper

Cannabis is a perfect match to many delicious meals, so are pepper and salt.

8. Jesus

You can either tell your dealer you want to get right with the Lord or have a meeting with Jesus. Either way always works.

9. Pocket Rocket

“Pocket rocket” is another cool title for a little weed joint—small, but powerful.

10. Goody-goody

“Goody-goody” refers to the good cannabis.

11. Burrito

“Burrito” is another cool title for the herb. No one would guess what it is.

12. Happy Stick

By a happy stick, you mean a joint. It is simple as 1-2-3.

13. Nuggets

“Nuggets” is also a popular weed title among dealers. No worries, your dealer will know what you mean.

14. Fly Mexican Airlines

It is a pretty good title for being high. Your dealer will understand that you would definitely need to buy some weed for this purpose.

15. Catnip

Whether you have a cat or not, your dealer will quickly realize that you are the cat and you need some catnip.

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