10 Coolest Homemade Pipes

10 Coolest Homemade Pipes

While trying to create an easy homemade bong, remember the words of Albert Einstein that imagination is more important than knowledge due to its limitlessness. There are some psychological studies about how cannabis increases abstract thinking abilities. Marijuana can open up your imagination and help you extract all the great ideas you might have. If you are the citizen of four states (Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Alaska) or the District of Columbia, where cannabis is legal, then here are the coolest ideas for homemade pipes, created by the great representatives of our nation using their wide imagination.

1. Starburst. A pack of Starburst is often used to make a bong from the pieces. These candies may become your best friends!

2. Fruit bong. There are a lot of how-to videos about making a pipe out of an apple. But have you ever heard about a fruit pipe made of apple, watermelon, and pineapple? Try it, and you will definitely remember this fruit salad bong!

3. Ice pipe. Do not have a great idea for a party? Make it special with an ice sculpture turned into a bong! The trickiest thing about this idea is that you either smoke quickly or just get out of the way.

4. Transparent glass guitar. A glass guitar bong has at least two advantages: you need minimum things to make it, and the created bong will make you look extremely cool.

5. Mega soaker (smoker). A water pistol is a toy that was popular in 90’s. Today, marijuana enthusiasts use it as the coolest thing for smoking weed.

6. Lego tower. Do you have Lego? A Lego tower bong is a great idea, but be aware of the leaks in the “building.”

7. N64 controller. Are you bored of playing video games? Then give your controller a new life by using it as a bong!

8. Mannequin. The craziest idea is to use a mannequin as a bong. Have you ever played the role of a vampire? Here is your chance!

9. Carrot-apple bong. What can be safer than an apple-carrot bong? You will never have to worry about a broken glass bong again!

10. Pineapple bong. Looking for a tasty flavor? Pineapple is the best fruit to be turned into a bong. It is easy to build it, and its taste will remind you of lying on one of the Hawaiian beaches!

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