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  • Marijuana Laws in Florida

    Marijuana Laws in Florida0

    While many American states have legalized marijuana for sale and personal use, Florida still has not made such a step, and some people have big doubts about marijuana legalization in the state. Is medical marijuana legal in Florida? Well, Florida marijuana laws have established some legal precedents for medical marijuana use, though the possession of

  • White Rhino Strain

    White Rhino Strain0

    White Rhino marijuana is a high-yielding plant that produces a really, really potent body high. While growing outdoors, White Rhino is able to generate as much as 1,200 grams per plant, and that is fantastic, is it not? Of course, to achieve such results, you need to create the perfect climate and growing conditions, but

  • Glass Smoking Pipes

    Glass Smoking Pipes0

    Nowadays, you may find a lot of glass smoking pipes for sale. They differ in size, form, and design. But how are they made? Inspired artists spend countless hours to create something that is indeed perfect. There are dozens of cannabis glassblowers around the world; they can forge anything they find, from spoon pipes to

  • Alaskan Thunder Fuck

    Alaskan Thunder Fuck0

    The Alaskan Thunder fuck weed is a sativa­dominant hybrid that has become a legend in the western U.S. cannabis world. You may also hear marijuana enthusiasts call it ATF, or Matanuska Thunderfuck, or even Matanuska Tundra. But whatever you call this strain, it will deliver you an intense and breathtaking head high that will change your world perception.


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  • Marijuana Tincture

    Marijuana Tincture0

    THC tincture is probably not the most popular way of marijuana consumption, though it has benefits you would be glad to know about. Do not worry if you know nothing about tinctures. Today is your lucky day as we will answer the question “What is tincture?” and why marijuana smokers appreciate it so much. What

  • What Is Hash Oil?

    What Is Hash Oil?0

    Nowadays, more and more people understand that cannabis is an effective choice for dealing with different diseases, like cancer, chronic pain, and respiratory diseases. We think it is time to get closer to cannabis oil and find out what it is so highly valued for. What is cannabis oil? Well, it seems quite crazy that

  • Is Marijuana Hallucinogenic and Can It Cause Anxiety?

    Is Marijuana Hallucinogenic and Can It Cause Anxiety?0

    Marijuana has dozens of street names, like pot, weed, dope, etc. But whatever you call it, weed is a popular recreational drug nowadays. Being used through many centuries, cannabis has created a long history. Some people claim marijuana is the gateway to harder and harmful drugs, others believe marijuana is an alternative treatment for the

  • Smoking Weed While Sick: How to Recognize Self-Medicating

    Smoking Weed While Sick: How to Recognize Self-Medicating0

    Marijuana is a substance that can be very easily abused, just like alcohol. There are lots of people who resort to self-medicating while battling nothing but moral pain. Moreover, people with a mental illness are especially susceptible to marijuana abuse. In 2014, approximately 20.2 million Americans dealt with substance abuse, and 7.9 million of them


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